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Seen, Experiences, Abductions, Unpublished Reports. 

Seen, Experiences, Abductions, Unpublished Reports. 

When entering the World-Radio-Nashoba site, you join the secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage, and in order to be as free as possible of your own courage to dialogue I could not take a stand close, so I leave in my mind to explore the world of this site, see to violate even the most questionable space they are. However, I order my conscience at every moment to draw up a wall between good and evil. And to do this, I constantly condemn my entire Being, in the harmful action for me as well as for my fellow men. Morality: There is no point in chasing bad thoughts, wisdom is not to apply them. So let's give ourselves the freedom to talk about things that are important to us in all conscience.

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You do not believe in it for you, it is a great nonsense then strain your pear and look at these real times what the great powers are hiding from us.

Interview mit einem echten Man in Black der behauptet Zeitreisender zu sein 

Interview with a real Men in Black 2 who claims to be a time traveler. 

Time traveler from the year 8973 reports incredible things about the Mandela effect.

Time traveler Reto Uri - you won't believe what's hidden in the Vatican.

Time traveler takes photos of real dinosaurs and passes lie detector test.

Time traveler Leonardo Da Vinci You will NOT believe what he actually invented.

Interview with time travelers from year 2666 about reincarnation, secret knowledge and future technologies.

Time traveler Paul Dienach prophecies from 3906.

Time traveler to the year 2987 reports life on Mars.

Time traveler from 2048 comes to warn you.

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