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You loved Radio, Your hobby is the Music So Go!

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Have you always wanted a web radio? Do you like music?

So show the world your talent to moderate! You have the chance to make web radio! Customize your own show for the rest we'll see. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are expanding our team for many musical styles. With us, it's not about your knowledge but your love for music, So do not hide anymore, show your love for music on the radio! Sign up today as a DJ or host at Nashoba-Radio e mail Do you feel like it? So look in front of us on the home page we do everything possible, take care of you.

You want to be on the air of a web radio, you're afraid to be criticized?

No problem ! Everyone to start small to grow as and when. We'll help you if you do not have the experience. Good luck to you! .............. Or apply directly to the Facebook page link below.

Or phone us this is simple as saying Hallo Hello I would like.

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