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Biography of World-Radio-Nashoba

The Timeless Voice of Music

Welcome to the enchanted world of World-Radio-Nashoba, the global radio station that transcends eras with an exquisite selection of music spanning from the 1950s to the present day. At the heart of this unique auditory experience is the musical visionary, the maestro of the airwaves, DJ Nashoba.


Founded in 2003 by DJ Nashoba, World-Radio-Nashoba was conceived as a response to the growing homogenization of music broadcasted worldwide. Nashoba, fueled by a passion for the richness and diversity of music, committed to creating a platform that celebrates all eras, genres, and cultures.

The Magic of the 1950s to Today:

World-Radio-Nashoba serves as a temporal window, offering a musical experience that transcends generations. From the frenetic rhythms of 1950s rock 'n' roll to the sophisticated electronic beats of today, each note tells a story, each song an era. Listeners are transported through time, guided by the warm and erudite voice of DJ Nashoba.

DJ Nashoba - The Guardian of Time:

Born with an innate passion for music, DJ Nashoba has spent decades honing his art. His encyclopedic knowledge of music crosses cultural boundaries, embracing everything from jazz to hip-hop, classical music to global pop. His charismatic presence on the airwaves creates a deep connection with listeners worldwide.

The Global Community:

World-Radio-Nashoba is not just a radio station; it's a global community united by a love for music. Listeners actively participate through online platforms, sharing their favorite songs, exchanging musical anecdotes, and forming a family connected by a common passion for the art of sound.

Special Events and Collaborations:

In addition to its daily programming, World-Radio-Nashoba organizes special events that celebrate pivotal moments in music history. From exclusive interviews with living legends to live mixes from renowned DJs, the station offers unique experiences that listeners will never forget.

The Future of Music:

At the dawn of a new musical era, World-Radio-Nashoba remains at the forefront, always ready to explore new sonic horizons. With DJ Nashoba at the helm, the station will continue to inspire, educate, and connect music lovers worldwide, thus writing a new chapter in the global history of music.

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And very quickly, I saw the right side of my radio because hearing the music blowing in my ears. For hours or even days, I could not turn off the engine of this music.

Each time., I took great pleasure from the music and songs Slow motion, from my daily activities, so I continued to consume happiness, and for some moments without music that I could not stay, without the sound to my ears

The happiness it could engender. I thought that to help the listeners, the listeners of this left emerge from my good music.

They picked up what they could musically for everything. So I said to open an exemplary radio of good music of all ages.

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